Radian Technologies LTD

Company profile

14 Hans Moler St. , Kiryat Bialik, ISRAEL

Founded in 1997 by Ronni Israel, Radian Technologies LTD has been manufacturing high-precision machined parts and instruments for the electronics and medical industries. Our products are processed by highly skilled professionals using CNC machining centers and fine milling and turning machines. We produce a large variety of parts from a wide range of materials, often in small series as part of the development of prototypes and models, as well as in larger quantities.

Quality Control

At Radian we make sure to employ cutting-edge quality control technologies in order to provide our clients with the best possible quality of products. Our measuring tools are operated by qualified workers and are designed for measuring complex parts at the level of 0.003 micron. 

The Company is certified by the Standards Institution of Israel for ISO9001:2008.


Among our main customers are:

(Biosense Webster Israel (A Johnson & Johnson company

BERMAD – Water Control Solutions


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